• 25, 20 or 15 Weeks of Fresh Vegetables

  • June 1 - November 16, 2019

  • On Farm Pickup every Saturday from 9am - 1pm at 531 Kyserike Rd, High Falls NY 12440

  • 25 Weeks at $650, 20 weeks at $550, 15 weeks at $435, half share for 25 weeks at $360

  • Pay in 3 installments if preferred

Community Supported Agriculture is a partnership between a Farm and its Customers. This collaboration allows us to work together to strengthen our regional food system, support regenerative small scale agriculture and bring the highest quality Organic produce directly to our community. As a member you will receive the highest quality produce at a fair price and have the chance to build relationships with fellow community members, farmers, and the land. Your Membership give us the chance to similarly develop long term relationships with you and we know that strong relationships are a big part of living a happy life. Your up front commitment also allows us to effectively plan, forecast, pay our bills, and hopefully invest in our future as a business. We want our farm to be here for generations and invite you to join us on this journey.

Why choose a CSA with Tributary Farm?

Taste - Nutritionally dense, harvested fresh, long lasting, new flavors. Joining a CSA allows you to try new delicious varieties that you won’t find in your local supermarket. Each week you’ll get vegetables of the highest quality. Standard in each share will be greens, alliums like onions, garlic or leeks, root vegetables, herbs, and a slew of flavorful seasonal vegetables for you to enjoy.


Value and flexibility - For a full season share you pay $26 per week but you will typically receive at least $30 in spending power each week (that’s a 13% discount each week). Our CSA is done in a Farmers Market Style meaning that our Members can choose the produce you want in the amounts that you want. We will have monetary signs on each type of produce (as we typically do at the farmer’s market) and you will simply put the produce you want in your bag until you have counted up to $30 of produce. When necessary we will have a quantity limit on vegetables that are in short supply and high demand so that nobody misses out on a special item. We will always try to have at least 10 items to choose from each week and any over abundance will be shared so that you have the chance to preserve the harvest through drying, canning, and freezing.

Variety - We are planning to grow over 50 types of vegetable crops and for the most part many varieties of each crop. Please see this link for our produce calendar by crop with projected monthly availability. There are certain staples like lettuce and arugula that we want to have as options every week, other crops that will run in summer months of July through October, and other crops that like the cooler temperatures in the spring and fall.

Members Only - access to our Pick Your Own Field aka The Family Garden, gather flowers for your table, pick fresh vegetables with other members.

Engage - Strengthen your local food system by engaging in Membership. Keep your food dollars local. Walk the walk! We are a small farm entering our second season and committed to using environmentally sound practices on a historic piece of farm land. Your membership helps sustain our business in its startup phase.

Add on at our Farm Store - Our Farm Store has our Honey, Pesto, and Seasonal Prepared foods made fresh in our certified commercial kitchen.

Vacation - We all need it sometimes. If you are away, can’t find someone to take your share, and can’t pickup Monday or Tuesday tell us 1 week in advance (the pickup day before) and you will have the option of a double share the following week. This does not apply for 20 or 15 week shares, full season shares only. Also, if you were to say you're not picking up a certain week then rethink and want to pick up that week just let us know as soon as you know so we'll all be in the loop. 

If you are interested in joining but cannot afford the price please contact us directly. If you are able to invest over $650 we encourage you to do so and we will put any extra money into a fund to buffer the cost of a member who cannot afford the cost of a full share.